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How Jetpak service works
1. Click on "Is mine refillable" on the navigation bar. If your cartridge is on the list, it can be refilled
2. Click on "Order" on the navigation bar. $14.95 to refill a black cartridge (Jetpak 200) and $19.95 to refill a color cartridge (Jetpak 100)+ $1 S&H per order.
Your Jetpak box(s) will be sent to you by US Mail
3. When your cartridge is empty, place in the box and mail (postage to the refilling facility is prepaid)
4. You will receive your refilled cartridge in a week to 10 days.
If there is a technical/mechanical problem with your cartridge and it can not be refilled, your cartridge will not be returned, however, you will be sent a certificate for another refill. Best results are achieved if you start with a brand name cartridge (OEM) rather than a compatible. Tip: order more than one box to keep on hand.
Toner and inkjet cartridges
In addition to our inkjet refilling service, Inkwell sells inkjet and toner cartridges at prices below office superstores.
Sample pricing for toner cartridges:
HP C4127X     $  89.00
HP C7115X     $  70.00
HP C4182X     $113.00
Brother TN460 $69.00
Data supplies
We also sell supplies such as CD's, DVD's, and data tapes. Call or send an email for a price quote.

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